The Bar Hideaway opens its doors as a “hidden gem” for connoisseurs and lovers, as well as those who know how to appreciate a moment of peace even in the midst of their daily lives…
The Hideaway, founded and represented by our Barkeeper Yuto Nagasawa, is located in a quiet side street in the heart of Düsseldorf. Nagasawa’s bar adheres to not just Japan’s traditional bar culture, which is gaining worldwide attention for the quality of bartending, but also draws inspiration from the various bar scenes and ingredients of various countries and cultures. Nagasawa thus combines the hospitality and raffiness of Japanese culture with the diversity of international bar culture, resulting in a novel concept for a bar; the Hideaway. Enjoy a fascinating journey of discovery as well as the depths of cocktails.

Yuto Nagasawa / Chef Bartender

Born in 1989 in Fukuoka, Japan, Joined the “Kurayoshi” Bar in 2015 in Fukuoka.
Winner of the WAPIRITS TUMUGI-Cocktail competition 2017 of HBA (Hotel Bar Men’s Association).
He won the HBA Junior Cocktail Competition and Kirin Cup National Tournament in October of that year; winning in the Long Cocktails category.
Bar Hideaway